Day 3 Wrap Up

Day 3 was a feat of incredible effort by everyone!

As per the plan we transferred the 7/8km from yesterday to today, which turned our shortest day of nearly 22km into our longest. We agreed the night before that we would split into two groups, where the first group would head out for the car drop offs by 6am and meet up with the second group at Ellensbrook Homestead.

After kicking off from the Gracetown car park at around 7:15 we pushed through the first third of the day with an awesome pace, getting to Ellensbrook Homestead by 9. This first stretch was gorgeous, and the undressing surfers definitely gave the girls a bit of a show – but don’t worry it was only waist up!

Now as a whole team we focused on getting to Preverly. The second third was a bit of a nightmare (at least for Dunja). My pain went through the roof, bloody hyper-mobility kicked in and caused havoc on my feet and the small muscles in the groin made me weep from the pain. Other team members didn’t go unscathed. either – Jacinda started developing some blisters on the back of her feet and we all started feeling the pressure of being on our feet for so long.

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The paths continued to be of varying difficulty – but there were a lot of hills and a lot of very boggy sand. But we still made great time and arrived at the Margaret River River Mouth just after 12:30. We had a bit of a break – lots of stretches, rolling with the torture devices (aka the massage stick and ball), food, water refill, berocca and we were back on track.

The third stretch was excruciating for everyone. How much uphill can you squish into one day!!! There were parts of the track that were not overly attractive because we kept walking up and up and up and up 4wd tracks for about 4km. We then reached the top of the 350+ stairs with absolutely stunning views of the valley.

We got down the stairs borrowing some mountain goat skills from John and after having a quick break in the gorgeous cove we moved on around the valley. Once we got back to the beach the river mouth was just stunning with the sunset colours kicking in. We then had 2km of very soft and boggy sand that was very slow going, but it was incredibly satisfying to get to the top of Redcliffe Beach and to actually get back on track with the km.

Day 3 Timelapse

Tomorrow the plan is to go from Redgate to Hamelin bay – so another long day with a massive beach stretch at the end of the day so we will see how we will go.

And if you don’t already know – the reason that we are doing this is to raise awareness and much needed funds for Dementia Australia and the Fibromyalgia Support Network of Western Australia Inc. so please please please donate here:

No donation is too small, they can be made anonymously and all donations over $2 are tax deductible,

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