Day 1 – The Wrap Up

After driving down from Wanneroo and Mandurah, and dropping a car off at Injidup Beach, we arrived at the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse at 11:45 to a fantastic welcome from the Dunsborough Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade!

We sneaked up to the lighthouse and got the all important kick off by touching the lighthouse and then set off to Sugarload Rock. I don’t know how many adjectives will come to mind to describe the landscape – stunning, incredibly, amazing and arriving at the rock that has been the symbol of our fundraiser from the very beginning was just surreal and so on we went.

We kept at a reasonable pace and although we only saw one real snake, we did make a solid effort to find as many shapes like a crocodile, elephant, baby face, mans face, Mary Magdalene (or Medusa with the snakes cut off) etc etc etc so lots and lots of fun! The beaches were much better than expected (there were a lot more solid than what we were anticipating) although any pace that we might have gained we lost by turning into children and looking at the incredibly beautiful shells along the beach!

We ended up getting to Yallingup around 4:30, had a bit of a stretch and rolled some of our sore muscles and had a discussion about possible pace and whether we could finish in time – and we made the decision that we would do whatever we could to have everyone finish the first day. But boy were we thoroughly WRONG about the possible pace!!!

Shortly after the second beach walk, during which the sun set, we hit Canal Rocks in complete darkness. Our pace dropped significantly. Climbing up stone pathways, even with the awesome torches that we brought on the way, was a tough slog. Only to be followed by going up to the Rotary Lookout. We were nearly at 8pm and after we came down from the lookout (which we couldn’t see anything from other than some incredible views of the starts) we realised that sticking to the track for the last 3km was possibly crazy. We couldn’t see the sights, we didn’t know if there were any further climbs or rough terrain and we did know that we had a bit of a beach stretch at the end.

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So instead we decided to make a detour onto Wyadup Rd and through to Canal Rocks Road to the car. We made it there by 8:40, and then spent 1.5 hours getting the cars from the start point.

Day 1 Timelapse

And then for the awesomeness – we arrived at the Kilifi Beach House, picked out our rooms, brought everything inside, lit the pre-prepared fire (thank you Paula!), made a quick dinner (butter chicken with broccoli and cauliflower) and we are now rolling out the final kinks before it’s bed time!

So thank you very much for following along so far and if you would like to help us reach our fundraising goal please donate here:

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