Cape to Cape – Day 2 Wrap Up

After the late night yesterday, we had a relatively late start this morning at Injidup Beach.

A lot of the initial track from Injidup is 4WD track which is both good and bad – it’s very boggy in the areas that haven’t been driven over in a long time but relatively good in the areas that were. We had a guy in a blue Toyota Hilux (maybe) go back and forth which compressed the track which did make it quite nice.

Unlike yesterday, the sand was very very boggy. Everything from the beaches, sand dunes to sandy pathways was very hard work and as with the end of the previous day there was quite a significant amount of rock pathways and stairs. And I think it would be much nicer actually going through and doing this a second time round, when you know that the town that you are going to is not just round the corner but round the next three. We just kept walking and walking and walking and Gracetown just did not want to show up for us…

Also many of us realised that for goodness sake – we are not mountain goats!!! Well other than John, the rest of us do not have mountain goat like properties. That man seems to be able to step on any rock no matter how big or small, no matter how unfeasible the stride distance – and stick the bloody landing! “It’s like we’re swimming in glue and he is floating above – how can we possibly be bound by the same laws of physics” et Lisa

What we did figure out is that poles and small steps were a life saver on the sand. It doesn’t feel like you’re getting far, but they are so much more energy efficient and protective of the legs.

We did also get to see a little more of the wildlife – the “baby lizards from the start of the zoo”, hundreds of skinks and a baby tiger snake (we think). All of which thankfully ran away from us with great enthusiasm.

What we did decide though, was rather than doing another 7km in the dark and again risking God knows what kind of terrain to Ellensbrook, we would bow at our early exit point with the intent of adding those km to tomorrows start time.

So cumulative so far is 44.8km – we’ve essentially done a half marathon each day! An incredible effort from the team!

Day 2 Timelapse

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