It may not be just fibro!

There are three key reasons to raise awareness for fibro: we help people get an early diagnosis, ensure that people can get the support that they require and to make sure that new symptoms aren’t dismissed.

Fibro warriors generally have a very complex medical file and are generally also fighting many other things – arthritis, endometriosis, EDS and many many more.

Sometimes fibro is diagnosed in addition to these, and other times it takes years to get to this answer. But one thing many of us have in common is that when a new symptom appears, because it’s difficult enough to be treated as a drug / attention seeker, we are more likely to say “it’s just fibro”. But often it isn’t. Here are some of the examples of “it’s not just fibro!”:

  • Horrific calf muscle cramps that were caused by a calcium deficiency and fixed with an evening serving of cheese and apple
  • Various muscle pains that were caused by a combination of hyper mobility and strength imbalances treated by exercising
  • Abdominal pain that was caused by a pinched nerve in the spine which once released got rid of the pain all together
  • Skin swelling and going red and hot was angioedema (a chronic condition that isn’t worth to treat unless you have the life-threatening version)
  • Aching wrists that were first diagnosed as carpel tunnel and then as “just fibro” turned out to be avascular necrosis of the lunate and radioulnar carpal impaction. Fusion of the wrist helps to stabilize the wrist and with some of the excruciating pain
  • Dizzy spells and tremors that were diagnosed as Grave’s Disease. Untreated Grave’s causes irreversible damage to the eyes, serious mental issues (pseudo-psychosis) and the suicide rate is double since its often misdiagnosed and untreated
  • Fatigue that was getting so bad getting out of bed was very difficult was diagnosed as a deficiency in vitamins B12 & D, iron and magnesium. Once these were resolved the warrior got much better and could get out of bed.
  • Chronic fatigue that escalated to a complete inability to stay awake, even when driving that was diagnosed as Idiopathic Hypersomnia.

So please please please – regardless of how complex your medical file is, never ignore new symptoms. They might be indicating something as dangerous as cancer or they might be really easy to fix. Either way – a question on the Fibromyalgia Support Network of Western Australia Inc. support pages and a visit to the doctor is definitely worth it.

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