How many calories should you eat?

Well, it depends :)! Are you looking to decrease/increase or maintain weight?

By calculating your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (how many calories you burn to during a normal daily) you can calculate how many calories you’ll need.

There are several handy calculators which exist one here which is nice and simple or here . Just pop in your age height and weight and roughly how many times you train a week then the calculator will give you an average expenditure, if you have your body fat% then it can be more accurate.

From there if you are looking to drop some weight, reduce your intake (approximately 10-15%, too much and you won’t have the energy to train well and it won’t be sustainable). If you are looking to gain muscle(weight), you’ll need to increase by the same amount. To maintain, keep it as it is.

That doesn’t mean stay there forever though, experiment with those calories. My aim is to eat as much as possible and still be working towards my goal, that way I can get as many nutrients, antioxidants and all the other good things I can naturally rather than paying through the nose for supplements. Currently my goal is to drop a few extra kg’s, I was working on 10% deficit (slow steady results whilst eating as much as I could), that’s been going a little to well, so will be changing to 5% deficit as I get closer to maintenance and as my metabolism increases)

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